Release Notes 9.5

Please take notice of the points below when updating to release 9.5 of the Principal Toolbox.

  • warning-icon-th.png  Release 9.5 requires JVM 1.7. For on-premise installations, please check the update information.
  • warning-icon-th.png  The application should be at least on for updating to 9.5.



Patches and fixes: 

New patches and fixes will be done on release 9.5 and higher.

Below are the detailed release notes for the 9.5 releases. Note that these only describe the differences between the latest 9.0.x release and release 9.5! 






Applicable release*




Fix Multiple bug fixes NA Multiple modules NA

Fix Entry ID has been corrected to the previous (correct) value
Note: only applicable for customers with a production environment on version 9.0.3. or higher NA NA
Fix Details of plan items can (again) be opened consistently Project management Manual
Security Security patch NA NA NA 
5 Fix Planning tree (Gantt) is now shown correct in the latest Chrome version NA Project Management NA 
6 New Entry import function is extended with extra features.
Note: existing imports continue to function as before. NA Import/Export NA 
7 New Automated Excel Report function now also works with Excel 2016 for Mac.
Note: current reports have to be migrated to the new template to use them in Excel 2016 for Mac NA NA NA 
8 Fix Report views without results do not lead to a login prompt in automated Excel reports again. NA NA 
Fix  OU Managers/Support and Coördinators of functional modules can archive and restore objects again. All modules Manual
10  Fix  Folder Managers/Support can archive and restore projects again. Project Management Manual
11  Fix The export values of all boolean fields are now consistently set to 'true' or 'false'; previously sometimes the values '0' and '1' were returned. Import/Export NA 
12 Fix Editable custom fields of the type timeline generate one entry per edit again. NA NA 
13 Fix Work Package owners can now edit plan-item information on the tab Planning again.
Note: the tab Planning must be enabled by a feature toggle; please contact support for more information. Project Management Manual
14 New Work Package owners can now edit plan-item information on the detail pages of the plan-items in the Work Package.
Note: this feature is enabled by a feature toggle; please contact support for more information. NA Project Management Manual
15 Fix Readers on portfolios can no longer edit fields that are configured as 'editable before project start'. NA Project Management NA 
16 Fix If a filter is used on the portfolio Gantt, that filter is now also applied when creating a PDF from the Gantt. NA Portfolio Management Manual
17 Fix Added a new version of the Excel template that solves the issue that report could 'freeze' on specific keywords for specific customers. NA  NA NA 
18 Fix Number columns are again correctly shown in Automated reports for Excel versions 16.0.8067.2115 and above. Number columns showed a wrong format when the Excel locale was different from the Toolbox locale. NA Excel Automated Reports NA 
19 New When filtering views on a 'role field' (that is all fields you can find under 'Edit Members'), it is now also possible to filter on user groups. NA NA  Manual
20 Fix When downloading a list to Excel, special characters in memo fields are now correctly shown. NA  NA  Manual
21 New In (newly created) Automated Excel Reports, custom fields of the type 'Rich Text' are now shown with formatting. See the manual for information on which formatting is preserved. NA  NA  Manual
22 Fix Accountable hours on time sheets are again shown as configured in the filter. Time Entry NA 
23 Fix The plan item details page can again always be opened from the project Gantt. Project Management Manual
24 Fix  In a project, planned resources can again be related to a 'resource pool' (an organizational unit with resource management enabled). Project Management Manual
25 Fix  Custom timeline fields that are recalculated on changes in a date field, now always lead to correct negative entries. NA  NA  NA 
26 Fix  Time sheets of external users show timesheet rows again as configured. Time Entry NA 
27 Fix Import tasks no longer generate unjustified errors when matching on fields of the types "value" or "memo" Import/Export NA 
28 Fix In the geo widget the project location can again be set in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Edge.  NA  NA Manual
29 Fix When adding a 'child item' to a user story or bug, the type of the 'parent item' will not change.  NA  Agile PM NA 
30 New It is now possible to connect to a SQL server via TLS when using Java8.  NA  On premises NA 
 31 Fix When importing a field value on a calculated entry custom field, the calculation is not triggered if the calculation conditions are not met; thus the imported value is preserved.  NA Entries NA 
32 Fix The web hook triggered by starting a project is no longer triggered when creating an initiative NA REST NA
33 Fix Portfolio items can no longer be created at the Gantt on Custom Dashboards. NA Portfolio Management NA
34 Fix Portfolio Support can again consistenly select report models of portfolio models. NA Portfolio Management NA
35 Fix Preselected time sheet rows now show only NPA's of the NPA sets that are defined in the Resource Management Configuration. NA Time Entry NA
36 New It is no longer possible to start multiple approval workflows on the same document at the same time. NA Document approval NA
37 Fix Plan item owners can request document approval again. NA Document approval NA
38 Fix Managers and readers of folders and OU's will see the correct project tabs (as defined in Role Permissions). NA Project Management NA
39 Fix Gantt charts work correctly again with Chrome versions 61+. NA Chrome NA

* Applicable release refers to the PTB version in which the issue was first introduced


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  • 0
    Guido Calicher

    Hallo Shadi,


    Wat houdt punt 6 (Entry import function is extended with extra features) precies in? 

    Ik hoor graag van je.


    Groeten Guido Calicher.

  • 0
    Shadi Saghir

    Dag Guido,

    Er zijn een aantal extra import opties toegevoegd, waaronder:

    - Nieuwe en gewijzigde boekingsregels worden aangemaakt en de vorige waarde wordt tegengeboekt. Boekingsregels van vorige keren worden niet aangepast.

    - Nieuwe en gewijzigde boekingsregels worden aangemaakt en de vorige waarde wordt tegengeboekt. Missende boekingsregels van vorige keren worden tegengeboekt.

    Voor meer informatie hierover kun je contact opnemen met één van de desbetreffende consultant. 

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Shadi Saghir


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