Release Notes: Fortes Change Cloud


Below are the detailed release notes for the Fortes Change Cloud releases. Note that these only describe the differences between the latest 9.5.x release and Fortes Change Cloud! 










Applicable release*




New Fortes Change Cloud look&feel with app-selector and separate apps. NA Multiple modules NA

Fix The resource summary under the project Gantt now shows planned, allocated and actual hours in the same row (per resource). NA Project Management NA
New Custom page layout is now available on Orders. NA Orders NA
New Approval request emails are send when requesting plan item approval. NA Project Management NA 
5 Fix All document types are now downloaded instead of sometimes shown in a browser tab. NA NA  NA 
6 New The project field EAC is now calculated as "actuals before forecast startdate + all forecasts"; it now always shows the same value as the financial grid. NA Portfolio Management NA 
7 Fix Grid layouts on custom page layouts are now always shown correctly. NA  NA 
8 Fix Uneditable project custom fields can again be set to editable in the portfolio field configuration. Portfolio Management NA 
9 Fix  The web hook triggered by starting a project is no longer triggered when creating an initiative NA REST NA 
10  Fix  Portfolio items can no longer be created at the Gantt on Custom Dashboards.  NA Portfolio Management NA 
11  Fix  Portfolio Support can again consistenly select report models of portfolio models.  NA Portfolio Management NA 
12  Fix  Preselected time sheet rows now show only NPA's of the NPA sets that are defined in the Resource Management Configuration.  NA Time Entry NA 
13  New It is no longer possible to start multiple approval workflows on the same document at the same time.  NA Document approval NA 
14  Fix  Plan item owners can request document approval again.  NA Document approval NA 
15  Fix  Managers and readers of folders and OU's will see the correct project tabs (as defined in Role Permissions). Project Management NA 
16  Fix  Gantt charts work correctly again with Chrome versions 61+.  NA Chrome NA 
17  Fix  Rich text fields on the portfolio report tab work correctly again in Internet Explorer 11. Internet Explorer NA 

* Applicable release refers to the PTB version in which the issue was first introduced

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    Anja van der Jagt


    Hierboven is te lezen wat de verschillen zijn tussen de oude 9.5 versie en de Cloud versie.

    Daar ik een handleiding moet schrijven is het mijn vraag of deze verschillen ook in een Nederlandse versie beschikbaar zijn.

    Hoor graag nog even.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Geldservicenederland (Anja van der Jagt)

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