Release 9.5: what's new?

Release 9.5 of the Principal Toolbox offers several new and improved functionalities in the field of project and portfolio management and resource management. Furthermore, the main focus also lies on quality and performance improvement.

What is new

In the Principal Toolbox 9.5 it is possible to link hourly rates to skills. In the previous versions, this was only possible for resources. Linking hourly rates to skills gives insight in the total planned costs of hours. The total planned costs of hours are visible next to the other costs in the Gantt of the project.


What changed

The most visible change can be seen in the Gantt on portfolio. The new Gantt editor works with different colors to clearly distinguish projects, programs, portfolio and the single sheet projects. Also, it is possible to start initiatives from the Gantt and you can add or remove columns in the Gantt (for example, you can add a column with project information). Furthermore, you can now easily create a snapshot of the Gantt and save it as an image or PDF file.

The new Gantt is also available on folders. Using different colors gives a clear overview of all dependencies between projects or products.


Other changes

Next to the changes mentioned above, some other adjustments have been made as well. Available again is the possibility to add images to your projects. Furthermore, you can add labels to the bubbles in your bubble chart. Also, most of the pop-ups have become dialogs in the newest version of the Principal Toolbox.

Do you want to learn more about Release 9.5? Watch the webinar recording on the Principal Toolbox 9.5. If you want to know more about the software and what it can bring to your organization, please contact us for a personal demonstration: sales@fortes.nl or +31(0)33 45 70 027. 

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